Mi Latina Feminist Voz

Opinions & Perspectives From My Life

What is my blog about? This is one of the questions I often get when I share that I decided to start a blog. Essentially, it is about my life. When I say that it is about my life, I mean that my blog is based on my own experiences. What I share are opinions and perspectives from my personal life.

Naming my blog was one of the decisions I had to make. The main question for me was, what do I really want to say with this blog? What do I want to convey and what will I focus on? Then there was the fear of putting my writing “out there” for people to read. I feared being judged for my writing. However, if I feared I would never share. My goals are to reflect and learn from these experiences through my writing and to share in hopes that what I write will mean something to someone.

The reality is that the experiences I have lived through are what have shaped who I am as a person and how I identify myself. I am Mexican American and Latina. I am female. I am a woman who believes in gender equality. I am a Feminist. I am a higher education professional. My experiences have shaped my own personal social justice perspective. Therefore, I decided that using Latina and Feminist in my blog is important to me. Not because I would focus on Latina and Feminist issues, but because I identify as such and my experiences are what have shaped my identity. These experiences are what have led me to who I am today.

 My blog is about my life from my point of view.

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