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Rocio Fajardo, Ed.D.


I don’t know about you all, but I like to keep balance in my diet. I like to believe I eat healthy for the most part, but I’ll be honest, I like my Mexican food. Give me them asada tacos and a chelada and I’m in heaven. I struggle with eating veggies, never been a big fan, but I incorporate them into my diet as best as I can. My biggest problem is usually my sweet tooth, I love dessert and I like to bake. Right now I’m thinking I have some really good ripe bananas that will make a good banana bread loaf. I ate out for dinner yesterday and was really close to having a pizookie. My solution to my health has been finding balance with the foods I eat. I don’t over indulge but I also don’t keep myself from foods I like. This has helped me find a happy balance along with my exercising.


This morning my breakfast was inspired by Massy Arias.My usual go to is eggs and oatmeal, however, I was out of eggs. With a busy work week and life events, I neglected to make it to the grocery store. So when I woke up this morning I opened my IG and the first post I saw was a breakfast idea from Massy. I have almost all the ingredients, except I substituted the cashew butter with almond butter and breakfast was served. Anyone else inspired to be more creative?


Thank you for reading friends!

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