Mi Latina Feminist Voz

Opinions & Perspectives From My Life

As an Introvert, I know very well many of the assumptions and judgements that people have made about me. Too often we confuse quiet with shy and sometimes even with weakness. If we see that a child is quiet we often think something is wrong. On the other hand, if we see that a child is extremely active, we also tend to think something must be wrong. Really, the list goes on.

We are too good at judging others when they live outside of what society considers “normal” or maybe even “acceptable.” I often feel that we do not know how to respect others simply for being human. We are people with different identities, but we all share this commonality, we’re all human. We make assumptions when we have no idea what it’s like to be in other’s shoes and when we do not know what battles they’ve fought and overcome.

Some people have more privilege than others and often do not even know it. We would learn more from each other if we let the walls between our differences crumble. We would be better if we learned to accept our differences and helped each other simply for our commonality (human). In a world that has been plagued by far too much hate and violence, we need to embrace our differences and respect each other.

We need to learn to be human.

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