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At this past Sunday’s mass, the question that arose during the reading was, “who do you look up to?” Of course, in that context, the reference was to that of a higher God. I have certainly always held in faith and believe that my course in life has been planned out specifically and uniquely for me. I don’t mean to get too religious…. but,

regardless of what beliefs any of us hold, we all have those folks that have believed in us and whom we give our utmost respect to.

I feel a different kind of peace attending mass. I don’t know how to really explain it. The words that are spoken almost always make me think about another area of my life. This got me thinking about the individuals that I have looked up to throughout my educational and professional journey. There have certainly been many individuals that have helped me along the way, and many who have seen things in me and in my abilities well before I could come to recognize them myself. But who I began to think about is my mother.

I have never looked up to someone as much as I have looked up to her.

Both of my parents have always worked very hard, they have an incredible work ethic. My mother worked in the strawberry fields, but she also worked at home. Regardless of all the work she had ahead of her, she made time to take me to the library and very often attended my award ceremonies during my elementary days.

If you met her, you would never know how much she has endured in life.

She has a positivity and a warmth to her that is contagious and would never make you guess the hardships she has endured. I can’t explain it really, but I have been spoiled by that positivity in ways that money and materialism can’t compete. Perhaps its why I go the other way when I sense negativity. I owe a lot to my mother, but more than anything I attribute my strength and endurance in life to her.

So, I ask you, who do you look up to? And how have they influenced your life?


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